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Today's food and beverage markets are very competitive. The demand for different and new food and beverages is constant. We provide quality and delicious vegetarian food through our brands to spread awareness of vegetarianism.

“Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great”

John D Rockefeller
Vegetarian Restaurant

Urban Veggie

Croydon’s Urban Veggie is a symbol of vegetarianism in South London. Formerly known as Urban Guj, an Indian street food company. We quickly recognised the dynamics of the rapidly evolving food market and rebranded Urban Veggie to reflect this. The restaurant serves stone-baked pizzas, grilled sandwiches, wraps and burgers – all of which are prepared fresh daily.

In addition to fulfilling the desires of the vegetarian demographic in Thornton Heath, Urban Veggie is expanding further to offer customers throughout South London deliciously baked pizzas in a pleasant environment with a warm atmosphere to enhance the intimacy in conversations and to come together with friends and family.
Indian Barfi Company
Indian Sweets Company

Good News Sweets

We are a barfi-specialist brand of authentic Indian sweets called Good News Sweets. Innovators are inspired by challenges, and breakthroughs are made as a result of identifying market gaps. Indian sweets are difficult to consume by millennials and the older generation because they come in large pieces. As a result of the quantities of sugar and butter they use, they can actually harm your health in the long run.

In order for people to enjoy sweets in a healthier manner and with new flavours, we knew there needed to be more. Good News Sweets was born.
Sugar content was reduced by 45-50%, while the desirable flavours within the sweet were increased by 64%. By reducing the size of the sweet, we helped transform it into a delicacy. Imagine eating a piece of Hotel Chocolat. Brands like this flourish during the holiday season and for gifts and favours.
Authentic Gujarati Curry Company

The Rasoi Club

The Rasoi Club make nutritious, healthy meal packs loaded with tons of exciting flavours and built to stack up on your daily nutrition. We have designed delicious combinations of new plant-based / vegan dishes that you can carry with you on the go.

Escape from the daily junk grind and nourish your mind, body and soul with fantastic new recipes created by Urban Guj’s R&D team. It’s said that you should not eat to be full but you should eat to be content. The goal of The Rasoi Club is to provide healthy portions of nutritional goodness at an affordable price.

Indian Chai Company
The Chai Connoisseurs


Coming Soon September 2022
Gourmet Wrap & Burger Co

Burrito Burger Box

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