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2020 has been quite a journey, as a business. Despite the current situation in the world, we’re not stopping our growth nor are we stopping at working towards our goals.
Urban Guj is a vegetarian and vegan-friendly café based in Croydon, Thornton Heath. We offer a wide range of street food that crosses between different cuisines. What makes us so special is the exploration and the Urban flavours from East Africa, India, Thailand, Jamaica. Using the power of research, innovation and development, it’s given us the ability to create phenomenal recipes.
Our mission for 2020 is to continue providing fresh street food but also make it 100% vegan. Yes! that’s right, 100% vegan!

How Do You Plan On-Going 100% Vegan?

We’ve allocated the founding workforce of Urban Guj to redevelop our recipes one at a time. This means we’re taking each dish and creating the vegan variation of it with a great deal of research and development.
Urban Guj is also working with designated partners to provide top quality ingredients. We hate compromising. You deserve the best.
Over the next few months, we will be driving incremental changes to the recipes. We’re aiming to keep them as close tasting as possible to the originals.

What is the core changes Urban Guj will be looking to make?

Putting it simply, the food that includes forms of dairy are going to be substituted with the best vegan alternative. For example, an interesting change that we’re working at the moment are our Paneer Burgers.
An Example:
Paneer Burgers at Urban Guj are super popular. A lot of Asian LOVE Paneer, it’s definitely one of the most difficult changes right now for us. Over the coming weeks, we’ll release variations for customers to try and gage feedback on it to see how we can further develop its delicious taste.

Why is Urban Guj going from Vegetarian to Vegan?

It’s the ultimate question, why are we going from being vegetarian to vegan? We want to make Urban Guj available to vegan and vegetarian people. Creating a menu that is full vegan makes it applicable to both. With our analysts discovering report trends, a large number of our customers do prefer having vegan meals.
Not only is it friendlier for animals, but it is also healthier too. Even though Urban Guj is known for chai and street food, it doesn’t sound all that healthy, but we aim to make it better progressively.
Are you excited about the change we’re working towards? Let us know in the comments. Let us know about your vegan/vegetarian journey, how long have you been one? Did you make a recent change?

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