Reusable Packaging: – Urban Guj Upgrades Packaging

Urban Guj Introduces reusable packaging. Across August and September, the team at Urban Guj collaborated and worked hard to provide a new way for customers to eat.
Since the opening in July 2019, we’ve used recyclable cardboard containers and plastic cutlery. As the focus changes due to the global pandemic, Urban Guj now runs as a street food café moreover than a restaurant.
Whilst we’ve remodelled the business to be a café and takeaway, we’ve also advanced our packaging. Our packaging is now 100%:
  1. Reusable
  2. Dishwasher Safe
  3. Freezer Safe
  4. Fridge Safe
  5. Microwave Safe
  6. BPA Free – Chemical Free

These new containers are strong, durable and easy to carry around with you. It also keeps all your food intact.

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Reusable Packaging

Ubox - Reusable Packaging - Urban Guj

Old Packaging

Ubox - Old - Urban Guj

Why has Urban Guj made such a change?

We need to adapt to the current times, we wanted to remodel our business to give customers a warm, quick place to come. In light of making this change, we’ve become turbocharged! Urban Guj can now still maintain the same quality of food, the same freshness, much faster! Who doesn’t love fast food?

The package upgrade means that you can take your containers away and use them for different purposes. For example, meal prepping. This is a good way to manage your weekly meals if you’re into prepping in advance.

Once you’ve enjoyed your delicious meals, be sure to take your containers with you and reuse them. #savetheplanet


As part of the packaging upgrade, we’ve gone from plastic cutlery to durable biodegradable cutlery. This means that you can recycle these once they’re used. We’ve kept the required cutlery together with a serviette, be ready to enjoy your meals wherever you, on the go.

How To Reuse The Containers

Whether you’ve ordered a takeaway or enjoy your time at the café, you can always take your containers away, wash them and then reuse them at a time that suits you. In the above headings, we’ve mentioned how friendly our containers are, in any situation. Be sure to subscribe to The Urbanist for loads of recipe updates that you can use with your containers.

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