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Urban Guj introduces…Games Night

What is Games Night?

Games night, one of the most enjoyable nights in the week at Urban Guj. We’ve designed games to give you an opportunity to come down, relax and unwind from your weekly stresses and all the other things that are occupying your mind. When we initially started out with games night, we had 4 games for you to play. We’re opening up our doors to you guys so you can bring your own games. Create your own fun.

The team at Urban Guj really started thinking about the different ways you can enjoy an evening. We strongly believe that there is no better time than quality time with friends and/or family. In addition, playing board games has some serious health benefits and you’d never even guess some of them!
Sometimes it’s easy to get so busy with things that we do not make time for ourselves, this night is designed to help you find the time to relax, spend time with family and give you something to do in the evenings. An evening that allows you to converse with your partner or friend and catch up with your day, month or even year, all over a tasty brew of chai and delicious pure vegetarian food.
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Mental Health and Playing Board Games

Did you know that playing games are the perfect way to unwind and let go of some of the days to day stresses that you carry? The more people get committed to life, it’s important that you take care of your mental health too. Some people do this with sports and others do it by playing computer games, different forms of art etc.

Playing board games assists the essential cognitive strengthening of the mind. Using the brain and training it means that it reduces the suffering of cognitive decline. With all scientific benefits, playing games is supposed to be fun, increases your bonding time, breaks the ice and emotionally you stay more connected and happier. It’s the added benefits of even having a games night or pursuing a different activity altogether that helps your mind.

How Does it Work?

You can’t put a price to having fun. Games night is designed to be an open night at Urban Guj. It’s your canvas. In addition, bringing your own games is allowed if more choice is required or you can choose from one of ours. All you simply have to do is reserve a table to come and play. At your arrival, you’ll be complimented with a delicious fresh brewed chai of your choice.

For more information on games night, please feel free to contact us
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