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How To Brew The Perfect Chai

Brewing the perfect chai

Chai has become an important part to many peoples diet. Typically asians 3 in 5 people required a cup of chai in the morning. Knowing how to brew the perfect cup sets the basis on how people would like to start their day.

Personally, when I start my mornings I need my brew to be perfect otherwise, I just feel as though something is missing.

The foundation to a perfect cup all starts with the masala that you use. Most asian families create their own masala, it’s their best kept secret! At Urban Guj we create our own masala with a various range of spices to bring out the tongue tickling flavours. Depending on your expertise, it can either be a complicated process or a very simple one.

Many people look for quick pick-me-up in the mornings and result to using tea bags. This really does not justify the flavours and the true taste of chai.

It needs to be brewed! Who’s with me?

In addition, your can find your small bag of masala at your local Indian grocery store.
Urban Guj Lemongrass Chai

Let’s start the brew

So what do you really need to brew the right cup of chai?

• Cooker, gas or induction
• A cup or mug
• A pan
• Milk, full-fat, semi-skimmed or a plant-based milk
• Sugar *optional
• Tea
• Chai Masala
• A biscuit to treat yourself. *optional

Step 1:

Put the pan on the stove, add 3/4 cup or mug of water to the pan

Step 2:

Add a quarter teaspoon of your chosen chai masala, a tablespoon of your chosen tea. If you’re adding sugar, add the right amount of teaspoons that will make your brew come to the optimal taste.

Step 3:

Bring this all to a boil on the stove. Once the tea has strated to brew, add a quarter cup or mug of your desired milk. You can make your brew dairy free or vegan by adding a plant based milk. At Urban Guj, we use Soya, Almond or Oat milk.

Step 4:

Turn the heat to medium and let the brew come to a rise, be sure that you do not let it overflow. I’ve definitely done this one too many times! Keep an eye on the tea.

Allow this to slowly brew for 2-3 minutes. You will see the colour of your chai surface. Be sure to notice how the colour changes and the texture of your tea develop. The idea is so that it is not too watery nor that it becomes too thick (unless you prefer your chai to be thick).

Step 5:

Once you’re satisfied by the appearance of your chai, use a sieve and pour your chai into your chosen cup or mug.

Serve it with a biscuit, cake slice or any enjoyable snack of your choice.

Additional info:

You can also bring various different flavours into the brew, we tend to use the following at Urban Guj.


If you’re curious, you can always try adding various different things to discover new flavours for your chai. We’re currently working on a recipe to bring you a beautifully tasting Rose Chai.

To use these flavours, we add fresh leaves to it. That’s better served rather than using flavoured liquids.

You can add these leaves to the brew at the same time you’re adding the chai masala, tea and sugar to the pan. Be sure that this stays behind when you’re sieving your chai.

Happy Brewing!

Did you make an attempt at brewing a chai of your own? Tag us on instagram using #urbangujchaibrew

We’d love to see how creative you become with your brews.

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