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Ah yes, the Batata Vada – a delightful Indian street food snack popular throughout Mumbai. The vada is also a co-ingredient of VP66 Vada Pav, which has recently become available at Urban Guj.

The batata vada is also known as the aloo bonda, a quick but satisfying snack to grab on-the-go. It is popular in India because it benefits working-class people when they are on the go. It’s filling, quick to grab and affordable to have.

With our busy schedules ahead of us, we don’t want to wait too long for a takeaway. At Urban Guj, we have been working on new variants of our traditional recipes so that we can deliver even faster than before.

How is the Gujarati snack made?

The batata vada consists of steam-boiled potatoes, which form a soft, fluffy smash. It is then mixed with our homemade spices to bring the true authentic flavours of Mumbai to the snack. Before deep-fried, it’s coated with a lightly spiced gram flour batter. This gives the batata vada the golden finish for which we all recognise.

Indian Snack Batata Vada offer Urban Guj


I am thrilled to be talking about this section. I love being able to cater to as many customers as possible, especially when I know the food is so good and it needs to be experienced. The Indian snack is friendly to vegans and vegetarians. The street food snack does not consist of dairy and is also gluten-free!

Onion & Garlic Free

We have also created a Jain option for the batata vadas, which means we have options without onion and garlic. If you want to experience our new dry garlic chutney with your vada, this can be requested separately with a member of the brew crew at £0.25 per pot.