Pure Vegetarian Indian Eatery: Croydon

Urban Guj is a pure vegetarian Indian eatery inspired by traditional coffee lounges. At the same time, members of all walks of life are welcome. Come and chai-up, socialise, dine and find some time to unwind.

Urban Guj is a modern, rustic and contemporary pure vegetarian Indian eatery. Based in the heart of Thornton Heath. Furthermore, the eatery, built with a strong focus on authentic Indian chai. In addition, delicious vividly spiced sharing dishes.

The interior design of Urban Guj reflects the calming atmosphere. Likewise, created around modern coffee shops. Bringing the winter warmth and summer breeze in harmony. In contrast, the space is lit with traditional warehouse style yellow lighting. Emphasise on the comfort of a home, welcoming all for a calm and relaxing experience.

In addition, the interior is designed to allow all members of society to enjoy themselves. Whether it’s a quick catch up, a celebratory event, or a place to co-work from for a little while. Furthermore, We have configured our concrete panelling with high-end wall units. Charge your phone, plug in your laptops and get yourself going in the day. Pairing this with super-fast fibre Wi-Fi, we’ve got everything you need.

Tea Station

The Chai Station is a modern day interpretation of the Indian way of brewing chai. Emphasising on the traditional way of preparing masala chai. Through decoction by boiling and the simmering of water and milk. In addition, the chai station features two beautifully designed hobs.

To elevate the art of chai through careful methods of brewing. Experience the heightened taste of our traditional chai masala. We’ve continued to create through 3 generations. The chai station not only specialises in the creation of a brewed chai but houses a classic Italian coffee that fuses spices created by Urban Guj. The chai station is open till 9pm.