Urban Guj: The Chai Connoisseurs

Classic Chai

Masala Chai

Our classic Indian masala chai has been the staple hot drink for countless family generations and provides a deliciously mellow but rustic flavour taking you back to the streets of Bombay. Morning, noon or night, Urban Guj’s Classic is a great addition to any break.

Kadak Chai

Morning Pick-Me-Up

A pick-me-up in the morning packed with energy, this chai is well known for its robust flavour and rich milk base. The Kadak Chai is a great companion in the winter months to keep you warm, ready to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul.

Lite Chai

Softer & Simple Compositions

The Lite range offers a series of softer teas which are simple in composition, subtle in flavour and soothing in effect. Indulge yourself in a collection widely celebrated for its medicinal and herbal properties.

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